Polish Journalists Association (SDP), National Association of Journalists of Ukraine

and the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine, during the Polish-Ukrainian Forum held at the SDP Journalist House in Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, have resolved to establish the “Common Europe” – a platform for journalistic cooperation in Central and Eastern Europe.

As far as the culture and the freedom of speech are concerned, Europe constitutes one area.
Nevertheless, the journalists from Central and Eastern Europe have experienced
the communist totalitarianism, censorship, political transformation and the struggle for independent journalism and freedom of expression, which is never given once and for all. Therefore, we would like to draw special attention to distinct issues of journalists and journalism in our part of the continent.


The platform shall be used to develop cooperation in the areas of :


1) exchanging information and experiences concerning journalism during the system transformation;


2) eradicating cases of impeding journalists’ work and violating the freedom of speech;
this shall include supporting the Ukrainian initiative of the annual “Impunity Kills” campaign held in the memory of journalists who paid for their work with their lives
as well as supporting the Polish initiative to set up Journalist Solidarity Foundation;


3) training regional journalists and exchanging experience in reforming regional media with reference to the newly adopted Ukrainian Local Printed Media Reform Act and Public Media Act;


4) training journalists in the work for the “new media”.


All European unions and associations of journalists interested in the aforementioned issues are invited to collaborate within the frames of the new platform.


Furthermore, we confirm the intention to continue our bilateral cooperation evidenced by, inter alia, the annual Polish - Ukrainian Journalist Award.


This document was drawn up on 21st September 2013 in Polish and Ukrainian, in triplicate, each version having the same legal force.



Krzysztof Skowroński

President of Polish Journalists Association


Oleg Nalyvaiko

President of National Association of Journalists of Ukraine


Yuriy Lukanov

President of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine


Климович Ярослав

Котюжинська Тетяна

Набруско Віктор

Савчак Михайло

Тарасюк Дмитро

Бухтатий Олександр

Малієнко Алла

Остапа Світлана

Омельчук Сергій

Бойко Олексій

Фейло Ярослав

Редько Тетяна

Черемних Віра

Штурхетський Сергій

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy

Jadwiga Chmielowska

Zbigniew Rytel

Józef Matusz

Jacek Sadowski

Łukasz Czarnecki-Pacyński

Tomasz Kleszczewski

Błażej Torański



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